Friday, February 3, 2012

Music Festival Jobs

A lot goes into putting a music festival together and even more goes into making sure it’s pulled off without any hitches. After years of attending various music festivals around the world, I've had the experience of building relationships with just about every working part of a success festival. I thought I would take a moment out and write this article that lays out some of the main parts and functions of a great music festival just so those people who perform these functions don’t get over looked. I’ll start off with the event coordinator and work all the way down to the security.

Event Coordinator. The EC is the main person in charge of putting the music festival together and also the main person in charge of overseeing the entire festival from start to finish. The event coordinator in charge of budgeting the event, establishing the dates and getting the proper permits so the event can even happen in the first place. They work as a team with the entire working force of the music festival.

Festival Promoter - The music festival promoter is probably the most important person in the chain-link, mainly because they promote the show to the public and ultimately bring in the fans who pay for the tickets. The promoters work as a team with the event coordinator throughout the entire process to insure the fans who bought the tickets have a great experience throughout the entirety of the event.

Booking Coordinator - The booking coordinator is the person in charge of finding, selecting and booking the music talent that will perform during the festival. Usually they have experience booking acts within the same style and genre that the festival feature and have preexisting contacts that they can use to help select and get the best talent possible. The booking coordinator works hand and hand with the promoter to insure they festival's goals are aligned

Security - Most often forget just how important having great security can be. With so many people in one small space, bad things can and will happen. Having trusted and respected security can make all the difference in the world when it comes to the experience the attendees have throughout the festival.

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