Friday, January 20, 2012

What Makes A Great Artist Great?

What makes a great artist great? That’s a question that probably has many different answers depending on who you ask. However, the common theme will most likely be that the artist is doing something that most have not seen before. To be great, it’s all about being unique in your own individual way while having the mind set that what you’re doing is different then anyone else.

Some of the great how to artists of our time were looked over time and time again because there talents didn’t immediately stand-out, so with that said, it takes years in some cases for great artist to be thought of as great. One of the hardest things for most artists is the commitment it takes to keep on going despite what others are saying either in a possible and negative way.

Beside making the mental commitment to stick it out, most great artists also try and build on their skills from song to song so they’re always up to highest caliber of musicianship when the time comes that others consider their work great, they’ll be ready to back that up. No great artist is considered great for long if they can’t still put out great work on a consistent basis.

To to sum up what makes great artist great, it’s a combination of outstanding consistent musicianship and constant commitment it takes to keep on going despite your odds and what others are saying about you. Remember that Neal Diamond was looked at for years as joke but with his consistent self reinforced positive attitude he took his doubters and made them hardcore fans who supported his greatness for years to come.

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