Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Making The Most Of Your Music Contacts

So you have a huge list a potential music industry contacts, now what. If you’re like most artist this is a very common situation. Not to worry though, this situation has a many ways of getting back on track. Here are 4 very simple tips you can use to make the most out of your music contacts. 

1. What Are You Waiting For? - Just Reach Out And Say Hello.
You’d be surprised by the number of artist who are just afraid to pick up the phone or send out and email just to keep in contact. People love when others take notice of them, and your music contacts are no different. Try and make it a point to reach out to all your contacts at least 4 times per year and think about making your points of contact vary from contact to contact.

2. Make Sure You Have Something They Need.
Giving your music contacts information or content that’s not relevant to them is a sure fire way of ruining your relationship with those contacts. Instead, always make sure what you’re sending is relevant to your contacts needs and interests. Actually, if you send enough useful and interesting content to them, after a while they’ll come to know you as a trusted source of information who they can really count on a being an expert in their field.

3. Don’t Look For A Hand-Out
Nothing annoys a music contact more then an artist who consistly has their hand-out asking for something. Make sure your relationships are two way streets. If you’re providing them useful and interesting things on a consistent basis, when time comes to ask them for a favor they’re going to be much more likely to lend that helping hand when you’re in need.

4. Always Be Professional
Being professional should go without saying, however you’d be so surprised by the number of artist who just can’t seem to make this happen. If you’re considered someone difficult to work with, that type of information usually spreads pretty quickly amongst the music community and it can actually make it really hard to make any real headway in your career. So just be professional with all your music contacts to insure a great working relationship with everyone in the music industry.

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